Cplatform case study


Cplatform case study

A German car industry supplier of 4.000 employees was looking for a way to communicate actively with its employees. They tried several intranet systems, but none of them solved the problem of getting the information, stored in different corporate systems, to the employees without interruption. With the introduction of the ease ++ Cplatform, we visualized the workwear, absence, payroll and schedule data on a common interface, and then placed several terminals in production. A few months after the implementation, a survey showed that employees were using the terminals regularly, and the HR department proposed further collaboration to improve the company’s employee branding communication. With the help of the ease++ Cplatform, instead of questionnaires, questions were asked from the employees in a personal manner with the help of gamification. The software also helped evaluate the responses. Based on the results, they introduced a point-collecting motivation system.

The industrial corporate of a city of 60.000 people had to share the labour market – within 50 km- with two companies that provided it with significant suction power. In addition to handling recruitment tasks and dismissals, the company's HR department also tried to focus on the retaining of the workforce. They were looking for a tool that would give them quick insight into the employees’ motivation with the least amount of time. The ease ++ Cplatform provided them with an innovative solution. With the implementation of the interactive communication platform, they could ask multiple choice questions in a playful manner, which the employees came across entering their accounts. Using our software, the HR department was able to evaluate within two months, the number of employees who were at high risk of dismissal, and the name of the opinion leaders within a team. The key to employee retention is their commitment, which involves employee satisfaction, and also the right level of motivation, so they developed incentive solutions (eg.: training, workshop, extra remuneration). As a result of our collaboration, the fluctuation of the company halved in half a year.

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