Support for Market-Driven Research, Development and Innovation Projects

In the summer of 2021, Login Autonom Ltd. won a tender for “Support for Market-Driven Research, Development and Innovation Projects” announced by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology through the National Research, Development and Innovation Office. Within the context of the 2020-1.1.2-PIACI-KFI-2021-00310 project, an integrated platform will be developed that facilitates the availability of the necessary workforce.

The amount of support is HUF 189,604,956; within the context of the project our company is developing a software solution that reduces the costs associated with over-planning the companies’ workforce, while not violating the data protection involving the use of personal data of employees. For the development of the software, we create a system of criteria that specifies the software algorithm to achieve the lowest possible error rate, thus creating an adaptive and user-friendly software. As a member of the Hungarian Artificial Intelligence Coalition, it is important for us to support digital and technological development. We aim to put Hungary at the forefront of artificial intelligence developments and applications in Europe, and become an important member of the international AI community.

KFI Tender

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