Competency case study


Competeny case study

A German production company of 1.200 employees appoints its experienced employees to train their colleagues based on customized curriculum and methods. The company decided to upgrade its training system by creating training facilities and standardizing its processes. We supported these efforts with our ease ++ Competency solution.

As part of this, we created a matrix of activity and employee competence, and we assisted in entering and changing data with a transparent registration interface. The competence tracking based automated training assignment reduced the planning time. When individual competencies became accessible, the company was looking for a way to synchronize training planning and schedule planning.  The training provided the employees with new skills and made them suitable for a greater variety of activities. They replaced the Excel-based schedule planning with our ease++Shift software, which allowed immediate reaction to an unexpected event. For example.: if an employee does not arrive at work, leaders can check who, among those present in production, has the competencies of the missing person and so they can immediately replace the missing employee. The standardized training of the employees reduced the number of reject products, furthermore, the competency-based schedule planning made the production more flexible.

A machinery manufacturing company of 3.700 employees had developed an e-learning system that saved a significant amount of time and money, and quickly became popular among employees. The e-learning test phase was successful so the company began to perpetuate the system. At the same time, they needed a competency and training management register, which ensured smooth operation, provided the necessary connections, and made the whole process transparent in the background. With the help of our ease++ Competency software, they can easily track the qualifications and competencies of all the 3.700 employees. Instructors and external training companies received access to the budgeting of the training system and all essential information. Training planning is further assisted by a filter that indicates how many employees from a particular department have a given competence.

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