Workhour case study


Workhour case study

An American international industrial corporation of more than 2.000 employees has a subsidiary in Hungary. The Hungarian company had issues with working time calculations. When the night shift involves an extraordinary day off or rest day (eg.: Good Friday), the working hour registration module of their payroll software registers the double of the actual working hours. Initially, the payroll department was able to manually correct these entries but the headcount of the corporate expanded in the past 3 years, and the department lacked sufficient capacity.

The managers were satisfied with the payroll software itself, but they had to find a solution to the existing problem. They recently introduced that employees were free to choose their shifts to improve their loyalty to the company. which meant another challenge. We offered to implement our ease++ Workhour software to resolve the anomaly and to make pre-payroll data finalization easier and more convenient.  By eliminating the incorrect accounts, the cost of the ease++ Workhour recovered within the next 4 months. We also provided a solution for the shift planning process, with the implementation of our ease++ Cplatform module.

In the sales department of a multinational company with more than 7,000 employees, it was found that in the month following the distribution of quarterly bonuses, absence fees are incorrectly calculated by the time and attendance software in use. The calculations were based on the gross wages of the previous month instead of the average wages of the previous year. So significantly more money was paid for the employees for absence days. The human resources department had been conscious of the problem for years, but the software operator company was unwilling to update the software, which had been implemented 10 years before. The number of salespersons was increasing dynamically, so it was high time to find a solution. We implemented the ease++ Workhour module, which was developed primarily for blue-collar environments, but it was flexible and customizable enough to eliminate the inappropriate payroll practice. During the data integration before the introduction of the module, three more erroneous accountings were revealed, and they were also fixed. Half a year later, our client successfully passed the external GDPR audit. By correcting the erroneous accountings, the cost of the ease++ Workhour recovered within the next 6 months.

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