Productivity case study


Productivity case study

The HR manager of a 700 employees German company contacted us, because the parent company wanted cost reduction, by making the blue-collar employees clean the production line, instead of an external service provider. According to the team leaders, it soon led to a drop in production. During this period, the most common reason to quit the company was „performing tasks that do not correspond to the position of the employee”. With the implementation of ease ++ Productivity, it became measurable, and the numbers also proved that the reduced productive working hours, due to cleaning task, resulted in greater financial outages for the company than the cost of an external cleaning company. Employees became motivated again when the cleaning was done by a service provider company, and they did not have to perform tasks that did not correspond to their position.

A U.S. owned company of 1.500 employees, faced the problem that the machines of a given department are only accomplishing 80% of the KPI’s. The schedule and the number of operating hours of the machines did not support this result, so they did not know where the outage occurred. After the introduction of ease ++ Productivity, it became clear that one of the experienced employees worked regularly, on up to 4 machines at the same time. He often helped his employees with less experience, so he and the machines showed poor performance. With the help of the data provided by the ease++ Productivity, the company arranged the necessary training and regulated what additional tasks an employee could take on.

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