Hotel Solution Case studies


Hotel Solution Case studies

Hotels often let each department to do its headcount planning, and only the approval is done centrally. Its main advantage is the faster response time due to the knowledge of the specifics of the department. Its disadvantage is that each department plans only for its own capacity needs, which only independently solves the change in the number of staff within a given day. In practice, this means, they can over-plan by up to 3-4 people. With the implementation of the ease++ Hotel Solution schedule planning can be done centrally. However, if the departments keep planning the headcount for themselves, with the software, they will have a transparent overview of the capacity need and schedule of the other departments, and the individual competencies of each available employee. Due to the transparency and competency pairs, realistic schedule planning can be done in advance. Besides, the system immediately notifies the departments of the changes of a given day. So, with the software, the capacity needs can be solved with in-house resources, in this way the hotel can improve the income/employee values while maintaining the required KPIs.

The news arrives at a hotel by phone, that a flight was cancelled due to stormy weather. The hotel has enough spare capacity to accommodate the 202 passengers, but they only have a few hours to prepare for their arrival. It is necessary to increase the number of staff in several parts of the hotel, to serve the guests with the right quality. With the ease ++ Hotel Solution, hotels can respond appropriately to ad hoc situations and receive unannounced groups without risk. The new schedule can be quickly created with the schedule planning and registration system without any obstacle. The ease ++ Hotel Solution also allows hotels to cover multiple tasks with fewer employees on the same shift. Competencies recorded for employees can be linked to tasks, and the capacity requirements of tasks can be broken down into time intervals. As a result, an employee can be assigned to several tasks in consecutive time intervals. The software notifies all the concerned employees about the change with the help of staff terminals or other electronic devices.

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