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ease++ is an interconnected software system that has been developed and is further improved to answer the challenges we face in HR, production and organizational development.

Our solutions contribute to the well-structured effective operation on a system level, which triggers positive changes in the company’s finances and in the attitude of the staff shortly after the implementation.

About our solutions

They are available as independent software products.

Also as software packages in any combination.

They are integrable into corporate governance and HR systems.

They are fully compliant to GDPR.

We provide legal and professional support and complex inductional methodology.

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ease++ Shop floor pro

How can we ensure the minimization of the human factors in waste production in an employee friendly way?

By providing manufacturing companies with productivity measurement and competency validity by each production unit with the assistance of an appealing, personalisable communication platform.

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ease++ Hotel solution

How can we avoid headcount miscalculations while planning schedules when booking data changes continuously – even hourly?

With the help of a schedule planning software that monitors changes in booking data every hour while also considering key performance indicators, personnel data, absence data, competencies and other pre-set features. 

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ease++ solution

How did we solve it?

The production manager of a factory of 3.500 employees found it hard to intervene whenever the real-time production indicators foreshadowed poorer performance than the key performance indicator had required.

About us

We have been present in business since 1990. Initially, we offered solutions for system integration and we have been expanding the list of our services ever since based on customers’ demands. Many issues have been recognized and solved on a system level with the help of a Login software in the past 29 years. We believe that most problems can be handled if we exclude the human factor and rely on technology and we also believe that technology promotes the creation of more human and more intelligent systems.

We hope to assist our domestic and international partners with achieving a considerable improvement in production and employee retention by constantly improving our company’s product solutions as well as our customer service. In the meantime, we are striving to create a corporate culture that provides our colleagues with a professionally and personally supportive environment.

Login essentials

  • We rely on our interdisciplinary knowledge and open-minded vision when investigating a problem.
  • We are always up to challenges, which attitude has already resulted in many successful products and solutions.
  • We are flexible enough to try ourselves in new areas and we are keen to broaden our professional experience.
  • We prefer customized solutions over mass production.
  • We are young and fresh but at the same time, we are mature and experienced.
  • We enjoy having fun, thinking and solving problems.

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